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Preparing for Aumtumn 2!

Next half term will be learning all about cars in our Vroom Vroom topic. We are really looking forward to our trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum which will inspire the rest of our learning for the half term. Back in school, we will be looking into the history of cars and how they have changed over the years. We will also be designing and making our own model cars in DT, racing these against each other to see which classes cars are the speediest!  

Autumn 1 - Superheroes!


Year 2 have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn, which is lovely to see! We have begun our new topic, Superheroes, and the children enjoyed designing their very own superhero that would help us to save our class mascots.
We have read about the adventures of Traction Man and used this to inspire our learning across the curriculum, including writing about Traction Man’s adventures in English and designing him a waterproof outfit in science.
We also had a visit from another Superhero - Superworm! He arrived in our classroom along with some of his wriggly friends and we have been looking after them ever since. We have read his story and will be writing about him very soon.

This half term we have also begun enjoying some outdoor learning during our meadow afternoons - we can't wait to get out there again!


Year 2 Summer Term 1

Tails in Tales

This term we have been thinking about all things animals and lots of our learning and writing has been stimulated by Science! The children have been exploring a range of stories about animals including Wolves by Emily Gravett, enjoyed a day visit to Marwell Zoo, had an exciting zoo-lab experience where they got to handle live creatures and then in Design Technology lessons designed and made a finger puppet from fabric.



Year 2 Spring Term 1

Time Travellers

Our school celebrated it’s 123rd Birthday in January and Year 2 used this time to focus on learning about the Victorian era. They learnt about the life of a school child included having a Victorian day and produced a diary of a Victorian school child based on their experiences.  The children enjoyed finding out about the history of Havant through our heritage walk looking at Victorian architecture, significant places in Havant such as the spring that was used for many industries in Havant at the time and the trees planted by Fairfield school children in Havant Park.

They particularly enjoyed reading the book Queen Victoria Knickers by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley and designed their own pants for the Queen!




Year 2 Autumn Term 2

Vroom Vroom

Our children went on an amazing learning journey during this topic.  A few of the highlights were a school visit to Beaulieu Motor Museum where they learnt about the history of the motor car and went for a ride in an old car called Gumdrop.

After reading the book If I built a car by Chris Van Dusen they children used their imagination to design a car and then went on to make, race and evaluate them 




Year 2 Autumn Term 1



This half-term Year 2 have enjoyed their learning linked to Superheroes. In English they have studied Super Daisy by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt and Traction Man is here by Mini Grey producing comic strips and writing stories. They have also learnt to  name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans and identify the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and the North and South Poles.

Welcome to Woodpeckers!

Our class teacher is Mrs Harker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Westaway.



The children have been working really hard with settling in to the routines of Year 2.  We have spent time learning about growth mindsets and how it is ok to make mistakes. 


We have begun our first English learning journey about Traction Man and are going to be writing our own comic strip about one of his amazing adventures. 




Maths has been linked to helping Traction Man solve problems with addition and subtraction. 



Geography is our current topic focus.  We have been learning about continents and oceans and how a countries position, in relation to the equator, determines the climate.


You will be receiving an individual login and password for Purple Mash.  Purple Mash is an online learning platform which links to all areas of the curriculum.  Your child will be using this in school and can continue this learning at home. 


PE days are on a Tuesday and Wednesday.


Please encourage your child to read regularly at home as this will support them in every area of learning.