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Park and Stride

Park and Stride


Fairfield Infant School and HCC Travel Planning Team (Janet Foster), HBC Civil Enforcement Team and HBC are working together to reduce congestion at the school gates and immediate surrounding area. We hope that by doing this pupil safety will be increased.


The use of Park and Stride in conjunction with other measures such as staggered times will also help to support social distancing by reducing the volume of traffic around the school. Many families are already walking, cycling, and scooting to school.  Please consider your journey to school, and whether you could travel actively for some or the entire route, or even look at an alternative route that maybe quieter and less congested.


We collectively are very pleased to announce that we have secured the following locations as Park and Stride sites for the schools:


Bulbeck Road (West Street) Car Park,

Prince Georges Street Car Park,

East Pallant Car Park,

Town End House Car Park (HBC spaces only NOT LiveLink Private car park spaces). NB-this is a small car park and the spaces are therefore limited.


The above car parks are available FREE to Fairfield and Bosmere parents/carers between the times:


8.20am to 9.00am (for morning school run)

2.50pm to 4pm (for afternoon collection).


This is TERM TIME ONLY and does not apply during school holidays and school closure days.

You do not need to display anything.


Park and Stride from Tesco, Solent Road will also continue to be available to parents/carers.


Please note the Meridian Centre Car Park is NOT included in the Park and Stride scheme.


We appreciate that not all children/adults are able to walk the whole way to school due to reasons such as distance, parental/carer work commitments. However, by extending the Park and Stride scheme more parents/carers will be enabled to walk their children to school. It is a simple initiative where parents/carers are encouraged to park their car a short distance from school at one of the named sites and walk the rest of the way with their child/children.


We ask as many of you to support and use this scheme to keep our children safe and healthy.


As with any Park and Stride scheme there are certain conditions that parents/carers using the named car parks MUST adhere to – please see conditions below.


Important Conditions of Use of Car Parks in the Park and Stride Scheme:


The car parks included in the conditions are:


Bulbeck Road (West Street) Car Park,

Prince Georges Street Car Park,

East Pallant Car Park,

Town End House Car Park (HBC spaces only NOT LiveLink Private car park spaces).


The conditions of the car park must be adhered to.

  • No parking in disabled bays without displaying a valid disabled badge
  • Vehicles must be parked wholly within a marked bay.
  • If parking up prior to and after the authorised Park and Stride times, you must purchase a pay and display ticket
  • Do not park in any designated bays/areas e.g. permit holders only, e.g. car wash area (Bulbeck Road).


Any abuse of the Park and Stride conditions could result in a penalty charge notice being issued or the scheme being revoked.


A map of the sites has also been produced so you can see where all the car parks in the scheme are located and walking distances/times. (This is attached below)


There are many physical and mental health benefits to walking to school


By getting children out of cars on the school run there is also a benefit to our air quality


If you have any queries regarding the Park and Stride scheme, please speak to the school or contact the Travel Planning Team-


Thank you for your anticipated support