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Travel to School

Here at the Fairfield Infant School, we encourage all of our families to travel safely to school by walking, cycling, scooting and using public transport wherever possible. 


As a reward for our excellence in supporting cycling, walking, our Park and Stride scheme and other forms of sustainable and active travel, we were awarded our Modeshift Stars Platinum accreditation. As well as being actively engaged in initiatives such as; bike week, walk to school week/month, The Big Walk and Wheel Event, Clean Air Day and Park and Stride  and we are striving to increase the percentage of pupils/parents using forms of active travel for their school journey.



Travel to School


Fairfield Infant School is constantly working hard to ensure the children's safety including at the start and end of each school day. We strongly recommend pupils walk, scoot or cycle to school. If you have have no alternative but to drive your child to school, we would urge you to use our Park and Stride approach.


In order to make school a safer place we ask that parents consider the following;


  • Walk, scoot or cycle to school - We provide cycle and scooter storage at the front of our school site. There is a separate signed entrance for Scooter and bicycles, please ensure you enter via this and park scooters and bicycles safely on arrival at school. Scooters/Cycles must NOT be ridden in the playground. Please ensure these are collected at the end of the school day after exiting the playground.


  • Park and stride - Park further away from school and walk the last part of your journey (see attached map)

When parking please consider the local residents; do not block driveways, do not park close to junctions, do not cause obstruction. (Please click on the link at the bottom of this page for full information of this scheme and maps of the free to use car parks).


The Highway Code specifies:
Rule 243 - DO NOT stop or park:

  • near a school entrance
  • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space
  • in front of an entrance to a property
  • on a bend  


Rule 224: Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs. Please adhere to this guidance.

As part of our commitment to promote walking to school, parking is available at our Park and Stride car parks (See the Park and Stride map below).


Start of the Day Arrangements

  • Drop off times for all children are between 8.35am and 8.50am. Registration is open from 8.35am.
  • Please enter the school grounds via the walkway to the right of the school and bring your child directly to the playground. There you will see clear marker posts showing the animal which represents your child’s named class, close to their entrance. A member of staff from your child’s class will be on hand to greet your child and direct children to their entrance. This is also an opportunity for you to pass on any vital messages and information for the day.
  • We ask you to enter and exit the school site from the main gates and exit the same way. The school driveway should not be used for entry to the school. 
  • Please note that the driveway is no longer accessible as a pedestrian route.
  • Access is also prohibited via the black gate from the car park onto the playground at any time.
  • The car park is for staff use only. Children being dropped off or collected from the wrap-around provision or another after-school club must access the site via the walkway to the right of the school. This is to ensure the safety of all children, parents and members of our Fairfield Community at all times.


End of the Day Arrangements

  • The end of the school day for all children is 3.05pm.
  • You will be able to enter the playground area at around 3.00pm. We will use class marker posts. Please find a space to wait close to your child’s post but leaving the space in front of the posts to allow the staff to safely handover all children.


Vehicle Restricted Access

Please note that parking onsite is restricted to staff only and agreed visitors in our Staff Car Park.

The Staff car park is strictly out of bounds to everyone other than Fairfield school staff at all times, this includes dropping off or collecting children from Active8 Club or any school run club. Access is also prohibited via the black gate from the car park onto the playground.


We appreciate parking around the school is limited but as the safety of our staff, parents, carers and Fairfield children and their siblings is paramount we ask you to abide by our request.


We ask that you please be considerate to our neighbours and other road users when parking.


Traffic wardens regularly patrol and issue tickets. BE WARNED! 

Stop means Stop!


The Road Safety Team have asked us to remind you all to support our road safety campaign and respect our school crossing patrols by reminding you that Stop means Stop!


Drivers who don’t stop when signalled to do so by a School Crossing Patrol face a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points on their driving licence. They could also be disqualified from driving.

If your child is moving schools and you want help finding the safest route for them to school visit you can find a transition toolkit below;

Park And Stride Car Park Map