Fairfield Infant School

Everyone is valued and learning is fun


Promoting Positive Learning Behaviours and Values 


At Fairfield our children are taught to develop positive behaviours for living and learning, the values and skills of which are introduced through animal characters.


Zones of Regulation and Praise Wall


Our Fairfield Zones of Regulation are implemented across the school.  A colour-coded poster is displayed in every class and is used to remind adults and children of the behaviours and indicators for each zone.


Every child will begin the day with their name displayed in the "Green for Growth / Ready to Learn" zone at the centre of the "Praise Wall".  This means they are positive and prepared for taking on the challenges of the day.


In the course of the day adults seek to praise and recognise children who display through significant actions and achievement ways in which they are promoting the positive values and behaviours of the learning animal or animals in focus.  They will have the opportunity to receive public praise by moving their name into the zone occupied by the learning animal(s).


Children who have been praised / recognised for significantly promoting the positive values and behaviours linked to a learning animal will be awarded a stamp on their individual achievement card at the end of the day.

When the card is full the child can take their card to a member of the Senior Leadership Team to celebrate their achievement.  They will then receive a sticker, their name will be added to the school's celebration of achievement log and they will be informed that they will be receiving an invitation to a special celebration event with headteacher, deputy headteacher or SENDCO in the near future.

Praise Certificate and Praise Card

Child of the Day and Week


 At the end of each day the teachers choose a “child of the day” who has worked especially hard to develop the our learning values and behaviours.  If they are chosen, your child will be given a special sticker to wear home so they can share and celebrate this achievement with you.  In our Friday celebration assembly, we present a special certificate to one child from each class who has worked extremely hard through the whole of the week on our focus learning quality.  They will receive a special certificate to bring home and share with you


Fairfield’s Learning Animals!


Active Ant

I care for others and work well in a team.


Curious Cat

I love to ask questions to help me find new things out.


Dazzling Dolphin

I use my imagination to make and try new things.


Colourful Chameleon

I stay calm and make changes when I need to.


Persevering Penguin

Even when my life and my learning gets tricky, I never give up.


Spinning Spider

I make links in my learning at work and play.


Wise Owl

I plan ahead and think deeply to solve my problems.