Fairfield Infant School

Everyone is valued and learning is fun


School Rewards for Positive Learning Behaviour 


At Fairfield we have several positive ways in which we encourage and support your child in class and throughout the school day which is linked to our Learning policy.


Sunshine and Rainbow Board


In every classroom in our school a sunshine is displayed.  Every child begins the day with their name on the  sunshine board.  Above the sunshine there is a rainbow board which tracks all the regular colours of the rainbow but has Velcro strips added to the green, yellow, orange and red sections. Above the red section a star is displayed.  Children aim to make single jumps up the rainbow to reach the star by the end of each day.  A single jump is awarded for behaviours linked to good learning in school with consideration and flexibility for each child since not all children are challenged in the same way.

Animal Adoption Centre


Children who reach the star are awarded a stamp on their animal adoption card.  When the card is full (as 25 stamps are collected), the child can make a visit to the animal adoption centre.  The centre will be open daily where a member of our senior leadership team will be on duty.  At the centre a child will be able to select an animal to “adopt” and take home in celebration of the positive behaviours they have displayed. 


Animal adopters will also be celebrated more widely by being “named” in our weekly newsletter and shared with the whole school in our Friday celebration assembly.

Child of the Week


At Fairfield one of the ways in which we encourage positive behaviours is  in the form of " Learning animals". During the course of the week we encourage our children to demonstrate the qualities of our weekly learning animal   At the end of each day the teachers choose a “child of the day” who has worked especially hard to develop this quality.  If they are chosen, your child will be given a special sticker to wear home so they can share and celebrate this achievement with you.  In our Friday celebration virtual assembly, we present a special certificate to one child from each class who has worked extremely hard through the whole of the week on our focus learning quality or on the topic or skill we have introduced in our Monday assembly.  They will receive a special certificate to bring home and share with you


Fairfield’s team of learners – always ready to help!


Active Ant

My learning skill is teamwork; sharing ideas, listening to others, learning from and with each other; respecting everyone’s views and feelings.


Curious Cat

I love finding things out, asking unusual and interesting questions, gathering lots of ideas and information. I like to go exploring for answers.


Dazzling Dolphin

I really like using my imagination, trying things out, creating new things, finding different solutions, what if?


Colourful Chameleon

My learning skill is making changes and learning from what has happened even if things go wrong. I like to look at what we have done well and celebrate our achievements. I like to talk about what we could do differently next time and why.


Persevering Penguin

I am very good at trying hard even when things are difficult. I talk about how I am feeling; I like a challenge and I always remember to concentrate and try my best.


Spinning Spider

I like to make connections and to reason things out, sort information and ideas; I love to talk about things and make links with what I already know and new things I am learning


Wise Owl

I love to plan what I am going to do, using what I know already, I think carefully about how to do things in each situation and what learning skills I will need. I always find a way to solve the problem.




Reading Awards


At Fairfield we encourage our children to read a minimum of 5 times per week at home and at school. We monitor this through their reading diaries and encourage this by awarding weekly Reading Awards for the following reasons:


  • Moving to another book band colour
  • Certificates for achieving 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250 reads.




Here are this week's Reading Awards  - week ending 24th March 2023


The following children have read at home & at school & have achieved the awards listed below:















RazinAlbertRuben April      






  Tyler   James    














 BobbyElijah Isla