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Twinkl Phonics at Fairfield

At Fairfield, we follow the Twinkl Phonics Scheme to deliver our phonics teaching.

There were several reasons that we chose Twinkl Phonics:

Validated by the DfE
Follows the same order of sounds and tricky words as Letters and Sounds
The accompanying book scheme was of good quality
Lots of quality resources that teachers can choose from
Allows us to adapt lessons and groupings of children to meet their needs
Promotes active phonics and learning


Twinkl phonics is split into "levels" and "sub levels".

These levels are as follows:

Level 1

Level 2a, 2b, 2c

Level 3a, 3b, 3c

Level 4a, 4b, 4c

Level 5a, 5b, 5c

Level 6a, 6b, 6c


Generally, children in Year R learn levels 2a - 4c during their time in EYFS. Children in Year 1 learn levels 5a - 5c and children in Year 2 learn levels 6a - 6c. Hiwever, we recognise that all of our children learn in different ways and different speeds and so they will always complete learning at a level appropraite to their needs. 


Below is a document that sets out the sounds and tricky words taught at each level of Twinkl Phonics

Twinkl phonics lessons are designed to be a fun and engaging way for your children to learn phonics. Each lesson is split into 4 parts:

Revisit and Review (recapping sounds taught previously) 

Teach (introducing a new sound)

Practise (practising the new sound taught) 

Apply (a game or activity to further apply the sound taught) 


An example of a Twinkl Lesson presentation can be found below.

Rhino Readers

Twinkl Phonics has an accompanying books scheme called Rhino Readers. These books are used as part of the library of books children can access and bring home to share with you and practise their phonics learning. 

The books are organised into the levels described above, and your child will be reading books from the highest level of teaching they have already completed. 

If you have any further questions regarding phonics at Fairfield, please contact Miss Winsor or Miss Merrell (our Reading leaders) via the school office.