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Welcome to Rabbit Class!

Rabbit Class 2019-20

Welcome!  We are extremely proud of the way the children have settled into school life and have enjoyed getting to know them this week.

All About Me!

All About Me! 1
Our topic this half term is All About Me. We will getting to know you as you start your journey at Fairfield and learning about our bodies and what makes us special. We would love you to tell us more about you by asking your grown ups to share things on tapestry and with the class. Please keep checking back to see pictures of all the exciting learning going on.

Rabbit Class 2018-2019

Summer 1 - Stomp!

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Easter break and have loved hearing about all of your adventures! This half term we will be learning all about dinosaurs and we already know we have some keen paleontologists! We have some really exciting learning planned but if the children would like to bring anything dinosaur related in from home we would love them to share their knowledge.

Spring 2- People Who Help Us

Year R have had a busy half term learning about people who help us. We have had lots of visitors including the firefighters from Havant fire station, Martha’s Mum who is a nurse, Amy Mills our local PSCO and a hairdresser.
The Evil Pea!
The children were very excited when the Evil Pea visited our wing and trapped some poor vegetables, luckily Supertato was there to save the day! This led to some amazing writing and lots of maths opportunities as we thought of ways to catch the Evil pea.
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What we are learning in Spring 1!
Into the Woods
Picture 1

We are exploring the story of Goildilocks and the Three Bears. We are drawing story maps and using the small world and masks to retell the story. We are then going to learn all about real bears and use non-fiction books to help us.

Winter in the meadow

Get dressed for winter

Getting kids dressed properly is the #1 most important tool to get kids outside in nature. Read more in to see more about dressing for the seasons and simple outdoor ideas to keep them interested.

A parents guide to the Pure Sound pronunciation we teach

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents, teachers and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.

What we are learning in Autumn 2!

Maths Workshop 

11th October


A massive thank you to all the parents who came to our maths workshop on Thursday.  If you were unable to make it please find the information below.  If you have any questions or would like any more information on how we teach maths in reception, please speak to any of the Year R team. 

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8th October 

NSPCC Assembly 



Today Year R went to our first whole school assembly, where we met Cheryl and Buddy from the NSPCC. We learnt that the NSPCC is a charity that helps to keep children safe. Buddy told us how important it is to tell a trusted grown up if we feel worried or sad about something. Which grown ups would you talk to if you were worried about something?

A couple of weeks ago the school council met Cheryl and Buddy and decided together that we would like to raise money for the NSPCC so that they can continue to keep children all around the country safe. The children decided that they would like to have a sponsored dance-a-thon. All the children have brought home a sponsorship form today and we will be doing our dance-a-thon on the playground on Friday 18th October. Come to school ready to do your best and silliest dances!

8th September 2018

Welcome to Rabbit Class


Mrs Duffy and I have really enjoyed meeting you and your families at home this week.  We are looking forward to getting to know

you all better over the coming weeks.  If you have any questions, concerns or worries please don't hesitate to speak to us or any other members of the Year R team.  We look forward to seeing you all in class next week. 

Autumn Term 1


Our topic for this term is ‘All About Me’ and as we learn more about ourselves and each other we will explore our appearance, our families, how we grow and our senses. We will investigate and celebrate the similarities and differences between ourselves and each other. In Literacy we will read and discuss a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and ‘My Five Senses’. We will also begin our phonics journey with Phase 1 of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme, which focuses on developing the children’s listening skills with exciting activities such as sound walks. In Maths the children will begin to develop their confidence with numbers in familiar contexts such as nursery rhymes and role play. The children will learn to count and order numbers from 0 to 10 and extend their counting abilities by reliably counting objects. We will look at shape and practise using simple mathematical language to name and describe flat, 2D shapes. 


Please click on the link below for more information on our curriculum this half-term.

Meet the Year R Team

Rabbit Class: Miss Jessie Laker (Class Teacher)

Mrs Verity Duffy (HLTA)


Squirrel Class: Miss Tori Healy (Year R Lead)

Mrs Ammy Gasson (TA)


Owl Class: Mrs Sue Symmons (Class Teacher)

Mrs Jackie Hooper (HLTA)


We look forward to getting to meet you all over the coming months.  If you have any questions, concerns or just fancy a chat, please come and see any of the Year R team.










Rabbit Class 2017-2018

Communication and Language support:

This year in Havant we have the highest number of children 'at risk' of a communication and language delay EVER. Due to this we thought it would be useful for you to know where you can go for support and how. The staff at Fairfield will always be on hand to answer questions and can support you as much as we can but there is also a lot of help, guidance, tips and resources for free online. These websites are full of information! If you have any concerns please please do come and speak to us, as the earlier we can give support, the better.

Wednesday 6th June. We had such an amazing time with the farm animals and we learnt so much about each of them. We managed to meet every animal. We met George the pig and his sister called Peppa! Farmer Ian told us what each animal was called and we looked at the features of each animal. We enjoyed pretending we had trotters like the pig! We learnt that all ducks have webbed feet which is what helps them to be such great swimmers. We named the Billy Goats William and Henry. William and Henry then fed the goats. William drank his milk just a little faster than Henry! The children listened so well and all joined in with the stroking of the animals. They all understood that their hands should not go near their mouths when they are touching animals until they have washed their hand otherwise they might get poorly. Thank you to Farmer Ian and the Longdown Activity Farm.





Today the children had to vote for our first class councillors. We explained that our councillors needed to; think of good ideas, be able to talk with lots of grown ups and older children, always make good choices and be responsible. I asked the children to volunteer if they were interested and then each child had the chance to vote for one girl and one boy by placing a counter on the photograph pf the person they were voting for. Well done to everyone for really thinking about their choices. The class have selected Alanis and Elias as our new class councillors.




A Big Thank You to The Recycled Assets Company, Portsmouth:

Thank you so much to the Recycled Assets Company (TRACo) for their wonderful donations to help us improve our classroom environments. The children have loved exploring and using our new resources and it has definitely created more exciting experiences for them all. 

Thank you again it is greatly appreciated by all of our children!

Visits to Havant Library 


This half-term we have been visiting Havant library to find out all about the library service.  We learnt that we can all get our own library card and borrow up to 30 books for free.  We also found out that we can borrow audio books and dvds from the library.  We had fun looking at some of the fiction and non-fiction books and completing a treasure hunt around the library.  We would like to say a massive thank you to Karen from Havant library and to all the parents who came with us on our trips.  





Maths Menu Summer 1

Maths Menu Summer 1 1

Welcome back after the Easter break!

16/4/18 We had a bit of a surprise today in Year R. Mr Lymath spotted something funny during the holidays, luckily it was captured on camera. A dinosaur has been in the wing! The dinosaur left a book and a letter for the children. We read the book and letter. The children wrote about the dinosaur and asked him questions.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6

Dinosaur visit

Still image for this video




We wish you all a Happy Easter. The children are bringing home an Easter Diary to complete over the holidays. We look forward to hearing holidays news and sharing the diaries. Thank you for your continued support. The Year R Team

We wish you all a Happy Easter. The children are bringing home an Easter Diary to complete over the holidays. We look forward to hearing holidays news and sharing the diaries. Thank you for your continued support. The Year R Team  1






28th March 2018. Easter Bonnet Competition!

28th March 2018. Easter Bonnet Competition!  1






26th March 2018. Today we met the Fire Fighters from Havant. It was third time lucky for us. They were originally visiting us on the snow day and then last Tuesday but were called to an emergency as they were pulling in to the school playground. So, we were delighted we got to meet them today. Sadly they were called away to an emergency before the children had a turn to complete the 3 activities with the Fire Fighters. We were amazed at how quickly the Fire Fighters left to get to the emergency. Andy left in such a hurry that he forgot his shoes; he was wearing his uniform boots as he had been showing the children the protective clothing when the call came in! We learnt about the protective clothing Fire Fighters wear, smoke alarms at home and how to call the Fire Fighters.





Sports Relief 23rd March 2018. To help us celebrate sports relief we have been working on a few different sport skills. We completed obstacle courses, dribbling using a hockey stick, bouncing a ball on a racket, egg and spoon races and penalty shootout. The children enjoyed the new activities!






22nd March

Easter Assembly


Today in assembly we learnt about the Easter Story and why we have chocolate eggs at Easter.  We sang our Easter song and signed some of the actions.  We then watched the video of children signing along to "A Thousand Years" that was released for World Down Syndrome Day.  Ask your child to show you how to say "I love you" in Makaton.  What other Makaton signs can they remember?





22nd March 2018

We have been so lucky this week! We had a visit from the Police!

Debbie and Sarah talked to us about what we need to do in an emergency. We practised saying “999” and now we should all remember the number to call if we need help in an emergency. Next we marched like police officers out onto the playground where the Police Van was waiting for us! Debbie and Sarah talked to us about some of the equipment they use when they are working. We looked at high visibility jackets, protective clothing, helmets, riot shields and the items Police Officers carry on their belts. Some of us even tried on a belt-we decided they were very heavy! We had a try at squeezing all of Rabbit Class into the back on the Police van but we couldn’t fit them all in! Next Mrs Duffy and Mrs Hawkes had handcuffs put on them and were put in the back of the van! After that the children sat where the Police Officers sit inside the van. The children learnt lots and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A massive massive thanks to both Sarah and Debbie for organising such a memorable experience for the children.





19th March 2018. The children came back from Assembly and the Evil Pea had been in the Year R Wing! The Evil Pea had stuck tape all over our things and even stuck a chair onto the table! The children wrote wanted posters and stuck them around the school. The children will be making their own Super Veggies! Please can children bring in one vegetable by Monday 26th March-the sooner the better as we will start making them this week.






16th March 2018. Karl the First Aider came to school. The children learnt about calling 999. We had a long talk about where we live. Some children were not sure where they live so we have asked the children to find out! The children learnt about the recovery position and then had a go at putting their partner in the recovery position. We hope they can tell you about it! Thank you to Karl from Fasset Training.





14th March 2018. Gunner the Guide Dog and Tiny came to visit! Tiny told us all about Gunner's role as a Guide Dog. We learnt about how Gunner keeps Tiny safe at home and out and about. Ask your child about Gunner!

14th March 2018. Gunner the Guide Dog and Tiny came to visit! Tiny told us all about Gunner's role as a Guide Dog. We learnt about how Gunner keeps Tiny safe at home and out and about. Ask your child about Gunner! 1
14th March 2018. Gunner the Guide Dog and Tiny came to visit! Tiny told us all about Gunner's role as a Guide Dog. We learnt about how Gunner keeps Tiny safe at home and out and about. Ask your child about Gunner! 2




8Th March 2018. A very big thank you to Paul and the RNLI for coming to Fairfield to teach us about keeping ourselves safe around water. We hope the children will tell about about their new learning!






To help us celebrate Book Week parents came in to share books and stories with us. What is your favourite story? Is it a story or non fiction book?

To help us celebrate Book Week parents came in to share books and stories with us. What is your favourite story? Is it a story or non fiction book?  1
To help us celebrate Book Week parents came in to share books and stories with us. What is your favourite story? Is it a story or non fiction book?  2





Spring 2 Creative Learning Journey. People Who Help Us!

Maths Menu Spring 2

Maths Menu Spring 2 1




In preparation for Lent we have learnt about Shrove Tuesday. We learnt about the ingredients needed for making pancakes and how to make the batter. The children then tasted scotch pancakes and traditional pancakes.





Victorian Day 2nd February 2018

Victorian Day 2nd February 2018 1






Music Time!

Still image for this video
We have been exploring pitch in music. We started by saying our names in either a high or a low pitch. Next the children explored the different sounds the instruments made. The children then chose the bear they wanted to be. The children retold the Three Bears rap and played their instruments when their character was talking.




This week in Music we have been learning about Dynamics (loud and quiet) and Tempo (speed). The children were playing instruments using different volumes and speeds. The castanets were really good for fast sounds! The children thought about how the music makes the feel and shared their ideas with the group.

Maths Menu Spring 1

8th January 2018. We had a visitor today in the playground! We hope the children will tell you all about it. The children did some wonderful writing about the bear. We came back in to class and talked about the bear, we thought about what we already know about bears and what we want to find out!

Creative Learning Journey. Spring 1, Walk in the woods.

Year R Keywords

The Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Profile

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