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Welcome to Owls!

Owl Class 2020-21

Mrs Symmons and Miss Lindsay 

We have had a busy half term learning all about Autumn and nocturnal animals. The children have really enjoyed learning how to make masks, finding ways to join together materials and develop their creativity using a range of media.Next week we will be focussing on The Nativity story and learning a special song to share with grown ups. We will also be using our creative skills to make decorations for our home corner and our Christmas party day. We are also looking forward to wearing our Christmas jumpers next Friday 11th December.

Technology Development We know many of the children are very skilled at using a range of different technological appliances. We would love to see photos/videos of your children using supermarket scanners, cameras, tablets, clocks, washing machines, remote controls and torches. There are many more! We look forward to seeing some interesting uses of technology which we will share in class. Thank you for your continued support.




We have loved seeing all the Maths home learning. Thank you for the photos and videos on Tapestry and the returned Maths Menus. We look forward to seeing more.




Fire Engine Visit 24th February 2020

The children were incredibly lucky today as we had a visit from Havant Fire Station. Jim and his team of Firefighters talked to the children about keeping safe. The children learnt about the Fire Engine, they were very excited to find out that there is a tank on the Fire Engine full of water ready to put out fires. Nigel explained that foam is also used to distinguish fires. The children saw the hoses and the pumps on the back. As it was raining Firefighter Nigel suggested a game ‘How many children can you fit in one Fire Engine?’, we managed quite a few!

Back inside, Jim taught the children about smoke alarms at home. The children were keen to hear the high pitched beep. Jim talked to the children about how to contact the Fire Service and the information they need from a caller. Lots of the children were not sure of their home addresses-please can you help your child learn this.

The children got to see Firefighter Paul put on his protective clothing and breathing apparatus. Mark then explained the clothing, steel toe cap boots to keep feet safe, thick padded knees to protect when climbing and thick heat resistant gloves and much more!

Letters have come home today from the Fire Service offering Safe and Well visits. Do get in touch with them if they can help you.

Fairfield would like to thank Havant Fire Station for their visit today.



Guide Dog Visit

Today we had a visit from Ian and his guide dog Millsey. Ian talked about how Millsey helps him to find his way around and we all got to stroke Millsey. He was very patient and very soft. We learnt that when a guide dog has its harness on it is working and we are not allowed to stroke it. We also found out that guide dogs live with puppy parents for a year when they are born and then go to Guide Dog school. Millsey is able to help Ian find stairs, handrails and doors and lots of other things.

Ian told the children that he plays blind cricket with a rattly ball. He even has a barbeque which is switched on with his phone. The children listened really carefully and asked some fantastic questions. Well done Year R. 




Bob from the RNLI came to visit Year R today. He talked to us about keeping safe in the water. He told us about the flags used to tell us where it is safe to swim. If we or someone else is in distress we know to call 999 or 112. We learnt “one mouth, one nose, two eyes” to help us remember the number 112. If we are ever in trouble in water, we know to hold one arm up and shout “help”.
Bob showed us pictures with different dangers, the children were really good at spotting potential dangers.
Bob showed us the life boat on Hayling Island. Some of the children tried on some of the safety equipment, a jacket, helmet and lifejacket. The children thought the lifejackets were heavy!

There is lots of information on their website
Please ask your children about keeping safe in and around water.

A Visit from The Evil Pea


It has been lovely to welcome everybody back in to school after Christmas and settle back in to the routines of school. Whilst we were in assembly on Tuesday something strange happened in the Wing. We came back to find somebody had made a huge mess with jelly in Creation Station and some vegetables had been trapped. The children quickly worked out that The Evil Pea was involved and wrote to Supertato to come and help us trap him. We have continued to have a busy week planning ways to trap the evil pea but we haven'd had any success yet. Maybe there will be a breakthrough next week? 

Year R have had great fun exploring the story of the Bear Snores On, planning a party, writing shopping lists and shopping for supplies. The children enjoyed playing party games and eating the sandwiches that they had made. We have also learnt all about nocturnal animals, painting amazing pictures and writing some facts about them.


Our topic next half term is Everyday Heroes. We will be reading the story of Supertato and will be inviting lots of special visitors in to talk about their roles as people who help us, e.g. nurses, dentists, vets.  We’d love to hear from you or anybody you know if you would like to visit Year R and describe your job.


Oxford Owl

We love seeing all the reading at home, please remember to add your photos or videos onto Tapestry.

Oxford Owl is free to sign up to, and has a range of reading books-perfect to read over the Christmas holidays! You can use it on a computer or a tablet. We look forward to seeing your photos or videos! Reading everyday develops confidence when reading.

The children have been learning to recognise numbers. We use these rhymes to help them. If your child has been a super number detective, please tell us about it on Tapestry.




We are delighted to see children’s Maths Home Learning. Please remember to add photos or videos onto Tapestry.




We had a surprise last week. We found a bear who was fast asleep in our role play shed. There had been a party but the Bear had missed it. The Bear wrote to the children asking if they could have a party together. The children were delighted with the letter and have been busy planning shopping lists for the party tea and visiting Waitrose to buy the ingredients.





We have reached the end of our first half term. The children have settled in brilliantly and we are very proud of them. Our ‘All About Me’ topic has come to an end. We have enjoyed our number walk and sharing door numbers. Please continue to add your child’s learning onto Tapestry.

We are very proud of the children and how they have settled in this half term. The children are enjoying exploring the wing and the meadow using all of their senses. The children have been learning each other’s names, how to get along and share their ideas with the class. The children have been developing their listening skills and learning to follow instructions, we hope the children show you their listening skills over half term.  Please do continue to be number and shape detectives over the half term, we are loving seeing all your home learning.

Thank you for coming along to the Literacy and Numeracy Workshops. The presentations are below; we hope they are helpful.



We have been enjoying getting to know all the children in Year R. We are very impressed with how the children have picked up on the routines of the day.


We are loving seeing home learning on Tapestry, please do add your child’s home achievements. Remember to add your door numbers.


In Literacy we have been reading ‘Funny Bones’, the children have been creating collages of skeletons and making models with moving parts.


In maths, we have been learning to count objects accurately. Ask your child about the strategies we have been learning about.  

The meadow has proved very popular, it has been wonderful to see the children discussing ideas and problem solving together. Thank you for sending in spare clothes and wellies. We can keep wellies at school in a named carrier bag.


Please do come along to our workshops

Reading and Writing 10th October 5-5.45pm

Maths 14th October 5-5.45pm

Welcome!  We are extremely proud of the way the children have settled into school life and have enjoyed getting to know them this week.

All About Me!

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).





















A parents guide to the pure sounds we teach

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents, teachers and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.

Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Profile