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Welcome to Otter Class!

Otter Class 2023 - 2024

Miss Winsor and Mrs Lax with Mrs Gasson

Fieldwork Fortnight! The Year 1 children have been working together to problem solve! They have been using their eyes very carefully to observe the Human and Physical Geographical features around our school and have been detectives to locate the original object in the magnified photograph. They have found a letter by each object and worked together to unscramble the word! 5th July 2023

Otters had a fabulous time creating maps in our Meadow for Fieldwork Fortnight! We even spotted apples and pears growing on the trees too! 28th June 2023

Otter Class visited Staunton Farm today and what a wonderful day we have had! We met and stroked Simba the Ferret and found out lots of fascinating facts about ferrets including that they are the same family as otters! Our Otter class is related to Simba! Then we were off picking lime leaves to feed the animals- the alpacas, giants and sheep loved them ! They were really quite greedy! Then we went off to see the birds, the rheas were large and fluffy and we got to hold a real rhea egg! One of those would make a lot of cakes we found out! Just before lunch we met two very happy pigs who were having a mud bath to keep cool. We enjoyed our picnic under the trees and finished our day trying to get out of the maze !It was a bit confusing , Miss Merrell's group led us the wrong way ! We got there in the end! What a wonderful day. Mrs Norton Mrs Cameron, Miss Merrell and Miss Jelliff were very proud of Otter class today. Thank you to everyone who came on our trip today - 15th June 2023

Otters had a wonderful time in the Martial Arts workshop today and learnt lots of new skills! May 2023

Year 1 Doodle Maths Club, Tuesday 9th May.

Comic Relief - Friday 17th March (Wear red and Crazy Hair)

World Book Day - March 2023: The Gingerbread Man

March 2023 - A group of Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed a Golf Festival at Havant College. They learned how to correctly hold a golf club and how to strike a ball towards different targets. The children played seven different games and showed great team spirit!

Fairfield Infant School 128th Birthday Victorian Day Celebrations - January 2023

Year 1 has been learning about directions in maths. The children have been using directional language such as; forward, right, left and learning about quarter-turns, half-turns and full-turns. They put these skills to the test to find the treasure on the map.

Year 1 Mayflower Theatre Trip - May 2022

Fairfield Infant School 127th Birthday Celebrations - Victorian Day

Sports Day June 2021