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Badger Class 2022-23

Mrs Hawkes, Mrs McRoberts and Mrs Hooper


World Book Day - Book Corner Winners! Badger Class are super proud to have won the Book Corner Competition. The children started by deciding what sort of book corner they wanted and decided on a bed time theme. Next the children set to work making a list of the things they wanted in the Book Corner. They wanted blankets, cushions, torches, a cover and enough cuddly toys for everyone to have one to read to. The children chose rainbow material together by looking at options online, Freya then suggested we used the old cover to make some clouds, we hope you can spot them! Everyone has drawn a character or a picture from their favourite book and we have stuck them around the top of the unit. There are also fairy lights hanging with the front covers up above. Badger Class have been very responsible with the torches and are looking after the new Book Corner really well. Well done Badger Class 😊

World Book Day - Wednesday 8th March 2023 - Badger Class were reading Little Red Riding Hood on Book Day. The children made baskets so they were like Little Red Riding Hood. The children also retold the story using puppets and sequenced pictures from the story.

Badgers have been learning about half! The children had to roll the dice first, look at the next shape on that line and decide if half was coloured in or not. We hope the children can tell you what half means!

Year 1 have been practising sending objects to targets. Trying to get the bean bag through the hole at the back of the chair was particularly tricky!

March 2023 - A group of Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed a Golf Festival at Havant College. They learned how to correctly hold a golf club and how to strike a ball towards different targets. The children played seven different games and showed great team spirit!

Meadow Session 28.02.23 - Some fabulous collaboration and team work from Badger Class in the meadow. The children had to problem solve together, the Dragons were stuck and needed to get to the blue tarpaulin without touching the mud, they didn’t like to be carried and they couldn’t fly! The children had some brilliant ideas and worked together to get the dragons to the tarpaulin.

Badgers have been learning to log onto the laptops today.

A super well done to Badger Class for earning all of their merits! The children celebrated by bringing in a toy from home and having some celebration time in the afternoon with their toys.

The children have been delighted to be back in the meadow. The children have been making bird feeders to keep the birds well fed, litter picking to keep the environment safe for birds and bird spotting. Working as a team to build dens and digging were also popular activities. Can you spot the beautiful snowdrops?

Badgers - Meadow Learning February 2023

Fairfield Infant School 128th Birthday Victorian Day Celebrations

Badgers have been learning how to play the Ocarina. They performed to their parents this morning and were absolutely fantastic! We hope you enjoyed these photographs and videos...

Badgers have been learning about wheel mechanisms in their DT learning this week...

Badgers - Top Lunchtime Table June 2022

Badger Class Jubilee Celebrations May 2022

Year 1 Mayflower Theatre Trip - May 2022

Badger Class have been learning about germs. They have completed an experiment using bread; touching it using clean hands, dirty hands and rubbing it around the classroom. The children have discovered that the dirty hands bread has started to grow mould first....

Ocarina in Badger Class

Safer Internet Day 8th February 2022

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Year of the Tiger 1st February 2022

Fairfield Infant School 127th Birthday - Victorian Day

Sports Day June 2021