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Welcome to Hedgehog Class  2020 - 2021

Hedgehog Class 2020-21

Miss Faulkner, Miss Walters and Miss Matthews

Hot Chocolate in the Meadow!

Autumn Term 2019


In Year 1, we are learning all about Fairytales. We have started by helping The Three Little Pigs build new houses out of bricks, sticks and straw and will explore how materials are used. In English we will be creating our own story sacks to re-tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. As part of our Gingerbread man learning we will be writing stories and instructions on how to make our own very yummy Gingerbread Men. In maths, Freddie the Frog will help us with our counting and number recognition.

Year 1 Summer term


Camille and the Sunflowers.

Year 1 have continued with our plants theme this half term. After successfully planting our sunflower seeds we are finding out about an artist and his very famous paintings of sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh! We are going to create our own sunflower works of art and write a fact file to inform visitors to our classrooms all about him and his famous paintings!

Watch out around school for our art and writing!



 Then Year 1 are blasting off to space to finish our stellar year. We are continuing our famous people learning with finding out about the first man to walk on the moon. Our intrepid explorers are going to learn about the planets and can’t wait to teach you a catchy tune to help you remember all about them.

Year 1 Spring 2019

Roll up, Roll up!


We have had an exciting term in Year 1. We started the topic with pirate day where the children were immersed in becoming a pirate. We also enjoyed our trip to Actions Stations. We definitely turned a few heads in Southsea, as 90 children with their adults dressed up as pirates marched through the dockyard! We learnt lots of facts about pirates that we were able to bring back to school with us which supported our writing of some pirate poems.

We also had a visit from the circus. Nicki came in and taught us some brilliant circus tricks. Some of us found it a bit tricky but we were Persevering Penguins and managed to achieve some of the tricks. We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and putting on our circus performance to our grown-ups. The children performed amazingly and the singing was superb. Hugh Jackson would have been proud! We even had a special guest watching during our first dress rehearsal.


Paddington Bear visited and saw our performance. He then left clues about where he was from and things he liked. He even wrote us a post card telling us how much he loved our performance. The children were detectives and managed to guess who had visited. We read a book “Paddington at the Circus” The children wrote postcards to Aunt Lucy from Paddington telling her the best part of the circus show.



We are so excited to begin the summer term and see what brilliant learning the children will do. Just a reminder:

P.E kits:

P.E kits are needed to be in school as PE days are Monday and Thursday. All kit MUST be named and children need a kit for indoors and outdoors.

Water bottles and hats:

As the weather gets warmer it is important that all children have a water bottle with their name on them. Also, a named hat would be useful in the sunny weather to protect the children.


Fairytale Fun at Fairfield

Autumn 1 2018 Fairytales


Year 1 are focusing on Fairytales and traditional tales and we be acting out, learning and then writing about stories including Billy Goats Gruff, The Gingerbread Man, The enormous turnip, three little pigs and Cinderella. In maths we will be focusing on number and fluency with lots of counting and number recognition to ensure the basics are well established. As part of our transition from Year R we are continuing with Meadow Mornings for the first half-term. Children will be learning about materials in science and looking at weather and the seasons during our new ‘outdoor learning’ sessions. In computing children will be learning the basics of logging on and opening programmes and applications on a variety of devices and Art and design will start off by exploring colour mixing and portraits. Children have two PE sessions each week on a Monday and Thursday. In Gymnastics they will be following a unit called flight and in Games sessions they will be learning football skills.

Welcome to Hedgehogs!

Q Pootle5

Last week we had a visit from QPootle5. He left us a note and green slime all over the table. We are busy designing our own fabulous planets and we are going to write a letter to QPootle5 to invite him to visit.

Blast Off!

We learnt all about Neil Armstrong and the achievements he made. We used this information to design and write our own non-fiction books with a blurb and a glossary.

Roll up, Roll up!

Welcome to the Fairfield Circus...

We all had a go at learning different circus skills during the day. Some of the equipment was quite tricky to master but we were persevering penguins and kept trying. We are going to practise our skills over the next few weeks ready for the big performance.

Circus Workshop

The Victorians

We are learning all about Queen Victoria and how she changed the way people live in this country. We put on our detective hats to become historians and find out information from lots of sources. We are also  learning about life as a Victorian school child, to inspire our story writing and so we are ready for our whole school dress up day.



Ahoy There!

We are setting sail and learning all about Pirates this half term. We will write some poetry, learn about continents and seas and have a very exciting trip to Action Stations to start the topic. 


In Maths we will be doing lots of work on number and place value. It would help if you could do lots of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s backwards and forwards.


We will continue to send spellings home on Wednesdays and test them on Mondays.


PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Please make sure children have all their kit and tape or remove earrings.