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Welcome to Hedgehog Class 

Hedgehog Class 2023-2024

Miss Faulkner, Mrs Gough, Mrs Cutler and Mrs Gibbs

Hedgehogs had the best time celebrating their 15 golden merits with a treat time on Friday afternoon! We enjoyed biscuits, sweets and a Wallace and Gromit film - what fun! 🦔🤍 - Friday 22nd September 2023

Hedgehogs Class loved making potions to complete their Maths unit about capacity! We mixed Mermaid Tears, Dragon Blood, Goblin Snot, Ogre Shavings and Wishes, and tested our knowledge along the way! 7th July 2023

Fieldwork Fortnight! The Year 1 children have been working together to problem solve! They have been using their eyes very carefully to observe the Human and Physical Geographical features around our school and have been detectives to locate the original object in the magnified photograph. They have found a letter by each object and worked together to unscramble the word! 5th July 2023

Hedgehogs had a fabulous time in the meadow this afternoon. It is currently "Fieldwork Fortnight", so today we scrubbed up on our maps knowledge and had a go at drawing and making maps of the meadow. 26th June 2023

Hedgehogs Class had THE best time at Staunton Farm today! When we hopped off the mini bus we fed goats, sheep, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs and pigs, and we were even allowed to pick lime leaves to feed some of the animals! We learnt about how ferrets and pigs both have super sharp teeth. Simba the ferret had rough fur which surprised us. Did you know that pigs have to have suncream on their ears on a hot day, and because they can't sweat they have to roll in mud to cool down?! We got to compare some eggs, one laid by a turkey and one laid by a rhea. The rhea egg was really big and hard and the turkey egg was small and spotty. We met a turkey called Dwayne who was huge, and he was 4 years old. We held some white sheep wool and some brown alpaca wool. We noticed that the alpaca wool was far softer. At lunchtime we enjoyed sitting in the shade and even had time for a little play! The maze was tricky, however it was easier than we expected it to be. All in all we had a really fun day and some of us have even said we wish we could go to the farm every day! 16th June 2023

What a wonderful last meadow session for Hedgehogs this half term! From flowers to slugs and everything in between, we had a great time in the sunshine 🌞 - 22nd May 2023

Hedgehogs have had a wonderful afternoon in the meadow. We’ve enjoyed identifying trees, playing together and basking in the sun! 🌞 15th May 2023

Year 1 Doodle Maths Club, Tuesday 9th May.

King Charles III Coronation Party Celebrations - 5th May 20223

Beep Beep Road Safety Day - Wednesday 26th April


We ran a "Beep Beep Road Safety Day" for all children at Fairfield to highlight the importance of road safety and talked to the children about staying safe on the roads and gave them basic messages about the dangers of traffic. In particular, we talked about the importance of children holding hands with a grown up when walking near roads to help keep them safe. We also talked about how to cross roads safely with a grown up. 


Children wrote postcards to their parents asking you to help keep them safe.


They are asked them to:


• always hold their hand when walking near roads


• always find a safe place to cross the road


• show them how to look out for traffic by using the Green Cross Code


• always walk on the pavement or footpath Please talk to your child about the messages on their postcard, and display their artwork proudly to show them you understand the importance of keeping them safe near roads.


Here are some examples of their learning....

BEEP BEEP Road Safety Day - Wednesday 26th April 2023

Before Easter, Hedgehogs surprised Miss Walters with a mini hen party in the classroom! We had so much fun playing with balloons, throwing confetti, going on a ring hunt, decorating cakes, playing Guess the Dress and dancing to music! At the end of the day we said goodbye to Miss Walters for the last time... and now we've said hello to Mrs Jones!

Comic Relief - Friday 17th March (Wear Red and Crazy Hair Day)

World Book Day - March 2023: The Great Beanstalk Race

World Book Day - March 2023 :The Magic Beanstalk and Golden Egg Tasting

World Book Day - March 2023: Castle in the Cloud

World Book Day - March 2023 : Beanstalk Yoga