Fairfield Infant School

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Safety Measures at Drop off and Collection times.

As per the parent mail sent out on Thursday 11th March, we would like to reinforce some key safety measures which are essential that you all comply with:


  • Please maintain social distance at ALL times (Adults and Children)


  • Please wear a facemask on the school site, unless you are exempt (please wear your exemption badge clearly).


  • Keep your children with you at ALL times whilst on the playground or in your care. Children should not run ahead or play with others in the playground.


  • Please DO NOT arrive too early to avoid overcrowding. We have flexible drop off times between 8.35am and 8.50am. Please DO NOT arrive before 8.35am.


  • Please arrive promptly at your child’s class finish time (as previously published) We kindly request that you DO NOT arrive early to avoid congestion in the playground


  • Bikes and Scooters: We have a designated entrance and exit for these. Please do not use this route if you DO NOT have a bike or scooter


  • Please ensure your child dismounts their bike/scooter before entering our school site and places it the racks. We apologise for the lack of space at present due to building works. This will be rectified later next week. A member of staff will be there to support you


  • If driving to school please use one of our PARK and STRIDE car parks and not residential areas or parking bays.  The area at Somerstown Flats is a particular concern, please DO NOT park in this area or use it to manoeuvre in. If concerns persist, I will ask the council for regular enforcement.


  • Please Do NOT park or drop off on any areas around the school with yellow lines and hatched areas. This includes TAXIS: they too can use the Park and Stride scheme car parks at no additional charge.


Please be assured we are here to support you and your children at all times. However, we cannot be everywhere and are relying on your continuing assistance in these matters