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National Clean Air Day - Thursday 8th October

On 8 October 2020, Clean Air Day, we would like everyone to give their cars a rest! Did you know that in 2018 on the day of the London Marathon, when the streets were closed to cars, the air quality in the city improved by 89%. So, let’s try and reduce the pollution caused by traffic this Clean Air Day and leave as many cars as possible at home.


We would like your help to remind parents about Clean Air Day! We would like you to complete our poster and draw a picture showing how you would like to come to school without the car. It could show how you’ll run, scoot, skateboard or travel actively in any way you like. You aren’t allowed to use any means of transport that uses a petrol or diesel engine and pollutes the air.


How about inventing a new sustainable, clean air travel machine? There will be great prizes for the best posters and the winning designs will be displayed on the My Journey websites. Some of these entries will be displayed in the Meridian Centre and Libraries and on social media. The closing date for the competition is Friday 2nd October


If you would like to take part, please pick up a copy of the poster template from outside the office from Monday 21st September