Fairfield Infant School

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Fairfield Infant School Birthday

The 27th of January is our school’s birthday and this year Fairfield Infant School will be turning 127! In order to celebrate, the children will be taking part in a range of Victorian activities to find out a little more about what life would have been like for the first pupils of Fairfield.


Each year group will concentrate their learning around a theme. These will be as follows:


Year R – Victorian playground games and toys
Year 1 – Victorian food
Year 2 – Victorian school day


Our aim is for these themes to stay the same each year so that, as children move through the school, they build a little more on their knowledge of life during the Victorian times and the history of our school.


As part of the day, we would like for all children to come dressed in clothes appropriate to the Victorian era. We understand, however, that costumes can be costly especially if only worn once! We hope that the ideas below will give you some ways to provide an inexpensive costume for your child that you could create from existing clothing items you have at home—there are also some other pictures of Victorian costume for reference.


If you are unable to provide a costume for your child, we would ask that they wear dark trousers and a white top or shirt as this will help them dress in keeping with the Victorian theme. Please do see your child’s class teacher if you have any problems or queries regarding this.