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Fairfield Forest School - Supporting this year's theme of 'Anxiety' for Mental Health Support Week.

Finding time every day to connect with nature can help you to feel better when you are feeling stressed, worried or sad. In our Forest School sessions we make sure every week that we notice the birds, bugs and any changes in the environment


Blowing bubbles is a great way to practise breathing to calm down when you are feeling anxious. You can also imagine your worries floating away inside the bubbles.

In Forest School this week we made our own bubble wands using sticks and wool.


Practising mindfulness (being in the present moment right now) can also help to focus the mind and cope with feelings of anxiety. An example of this is to take part in a sensory activity such as playdough, water or natural objects. Our Forest School group enjoyed exploring the clay, using their senses of touch, smell and sight, to make clay faces on the trees, pinch pots and a selection of other creations! We also did some cooking in the mud kitchen!