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Eco - Schools

We want to share some exciting news, this year our school has made the decision to work towards Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation, you can find out more on the Eco-Schools website here:


With the world beginning to experience the effects of climate change; different species of plant and animals becoming extinct every day; and micro-plastics being found in the most remote locations on Earth - now, is the time to educate future generations about the impact of our actions on the planet we call home.


The Eco-Schools programme does this through providing a simple seven-step framework that has been designed to raise awareness of environmental issues whilst empowering young people to make a positive difference by taking a lead on environmental actions and projects in their school and local community.

Within Eco-Schools’ simple framework young people are encouraged to support us in deciding on the environmental issues they would like to tackle, represented by ten Eco-Schools topics. Once the topics have been chosen, they help us to decide what actions they would like to take and how they are going to involve their school and community. The seven-step process takes around one academic year to complete and culminates in an Eco-Schools’ assessor looking over a school’s application and evidence, with a view to recognising and celebrating their achievements.


The Eco-Schools programme began in 1994, is delivered in more than 70 countries around the world and in England is operated by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. The programme not only positively impacts our planet (for example schools participating in the programme planted 37,865 trees during the last academic year), it also benefits young people, building teamwork and leadership skills whilst increasing confidence and reducing eco-anxiety.


A key part of the Eco-Schools process is involving our entire school and wider community so we wanted to get in touch to let you know about our involvement. We also wanted to let you know what to expect over the coming months: regular updates in our school newsletter; invitations to participate in environmental events and projects; and increasingly conscientious young people.


If you would like to support our work or know more about the Eco-Schools programme please contact Mrs Delahay who is our proud leader of this project.