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Eat them to Defeat Them!

Today, we have launched the Eat them to Defeat them campaign at school!

80% of kids don’t eat enough vegetables. If you are worried about your child’s mood, behaviour and learning, a good place to start is their diet.


Eat Them to Defeat Them was created by Veg Power and ITV as a fun way to encourage kids to eat more veg. There is a massive TV advertising campaign, activities in thousands of schools, and our websites full of tips, hacks, advice and fun to help you succeed.


Over 1 million children took part last year. More than half of their parents say the kids ate more vegetables as a result. Even 35% of parents with fussy eaters, who eat next to no vegetables, said their kids ate more vegetables thanks to Eat Them to Defeat Them – it could work for you!


We will be sending home a parents information pack to help your child complete their mission....


HC3S (our school caterers) have a dedicated information page and this week will be focusing on peppers!