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Welcome to Woodpeckers!


In Woodpecker Class we have really busy racing around! We have used our topic 'Vroom Vroom!' as the inspriation for designing our very own racing cars. We learnt all about the best shape to make our cars aero-dynamic, we have researched the best material to make tyres from as well as finding out about John Boyd Dunlop and his invention of the pneumatic tyre.


We went through the correct process by having an initial design which we then improved by adding features to our cars. Then we started to make our cars using boxes for the chassis and using straws to hold the axles. The cars look great and are all pretty fast already! We had great fun decorating our cars and they now look great and really authentic. In fact there are some show stoppers that you should keep an eye out for on our Great Race day!


We hope you can come and share the Great Race with us, we are testing our cars to see which car runs the furthest. we are all really looking forward to seeing you and showing our car creations with you!


We will be posting some actions shots if you cannot make it on the day and our cars will come home with us towards the end of this spring term.