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In the coming weeks the Year R team will be posting home learning ideas for your children. Our biggest hope would be that you continue to regularly read, listen to and enjoy books  with your children and we would love to see videos of this on Tapestry. There are lots of activities and ideas online but we will be providing a range of ideas which we believe will help your child to learn. We know that children of this age learn best through short chunks of focused time so we recommend limiting intense learning time in the day and allowing children periods of play to process their learning. Remember spending time helping with everyday tasks and the discussions that come from this are also learning, e.g pairing the socks when hanging out the washing, digging out weeds, loading the dishwasher and cooking.


We don't want the children to feel disconnected from the adults in the class and will use Tapestry to send messages. We would love to see what you are all up to.


The Early Years Team

Weeks 3 and 4 (6th April - 17th April)

We hope you enjoy completing some of these activities during the Easter Holidays and we would love to see photographs and video clips of them.

Thank you for sharing your child's learning via Tapestry and the Year R email address. We have really enjoyed discovering what they have been doing over the past two weeks.

Stay safe 

From the Year R Team


Decorate and Easter Egg

How to Make an Easter Basket

My Home Snack Cafe

Week 2

Hello everyone, below are some more ideas for play and learning this week. Thank you to all those people who have managed to share their wonderful home learning on Tapestry, it has been lovely to see. Please don't worry if you haven't managed to do any of the tasks this week, we recognise what a challenging time this is for everyone and the ideas are there as a guide only. You can choose to do very few, some or most of the tasks whichever works best for your child and your family in the current circumstances. 

Design your own cereal box

Design your own cereal box 1

Book scavenger huntBook scavenger hunt

Maths ideas


  • Lots of counting backwards and forwards within 20 and starting from different numbers
  • Can you estimate how many items (buttons,small toys, twigs, stones etc) in a pot and write down your guess? Was the actual number more or less?
  • Play a board game with someone. Can you say the number on the dice without counting the dots first?
  • Can you order numbers 0-10? 0-20? What about if you only have 3 numbers to order? 

Surprise Message


Can you write someone in your house a surprise message? Listen carefully to the sounds you can hear and remember a finger space between each word.

Make your own  sandwich


Can you make your own sandwich. Think about what you will need and what to do first and next. Choose some yummy filings and when you have finished explain to somebody else exactly what you did. Have fun!

Talking about materials


Can you sort some objects by their materials? How did you know they belonged to that group? What words can you use to describe the object, e.g. smooth, rough, flexible, transparent? What is the same about the objects? What is different? Why is each object made from that material?

Reading Bears

Reading Bears  1
Reading Bears  2

Reading Bears

Number Formation Rhymes

Number Formation Rhymes  1
Week 1

Bingo Challenge Grid

Useful Websites 

These websites contain activities that can be completed without the use of a printer. We hope these will be helpful.