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BEEP BEEP! Road Safety Day

Beep Beep! Day is a great way to teach road safety basics to young children. Road safety is a subject that even the youngest children know something about because road danger affects everyone. Danger from traffic is a big factor in whether families are able to walk and cycle safely in their community. It affects their ability to be healthy and socially active. Even though very young children shouldn’t walk or cycle independently, they are still at risk of being hurt or killed when walking or cycling. It's not a nice fact to hear but every day six children are killed or seriously injured on UK roads – that’s equivalent to a whole class of children every single week. Road safety is the perfect topic for activities that can really engage, protect and benefit young children, and Beep Beep! Days are a perfect way to do it. Beep Beep! Days focus on three important road safety topics: Holding hands with a grown up when walking near roads, crossing roads at safe places with a grown up and using a child seat when travelling by car.



To encourage parents / carers and children to walk, wheel, scoot and cycle on the school run and during the weekend / leisure time, the Travel Planning Team at Hampshire County Council has launched the Spring into Action Toolkit for 2024!


The Spring into Action 2024 event runs:

Monday 26th February to Sunday 3rd March 2024.


Families are invited to try a daily activity during the week from the toolkit.


You can follow the daily suggestions or mix them up to suit your family!


This year’s theme is the senses, with ideas to help us engage with nature and think about how we use our senses to keep us safe.

With a fun human and animal fact each day, there is lots to learn and do throughout the week.


Spring into Action Toolkit

Your time to Shine Day: Friday 10th November


Thank you all for participating in our “Your time to Shine Day” in school today. The children were so bright and visible! We had some excellent outfits and accessories and were overwhelmed with the amount of thought and effort put in them. 


Every child who took part today has received a reflective item to wear or attach to their coats or bags donated by Hamapshire County Council Travel Team.  We had a very difficult decision deciding on a boy and a girl class winner as there were some truly outstanding entries. The winners were:


Owls: Ellis and Isla

Rabbits: Crawford and Isabelle

Squirrels: Toby and Asia

Badgers: Kai and Adwoa

Hedgehogs: Tyler and April

Otters: Stefan and Martha

Foxes: Jaxon and Sienna

Moles: Darcey and Isaac

Woodpeckers: Charlie-Jack and Penny


All winners have received a prize donated by the Hampshire County Council Travel Team.


Here are some photos from the event...

Bling your Bike or Scooter Day- Walktober School Entry


Thank you so much for your lovely creations - We can see how much effort and creativity has gone into this!

We hope that Walktober has encouraged you all to keep scooting, cycling and walking to school throughout the school year!


Well done Fairfield!

Oh my goodness, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of children who have joined the Clean Air Scooting Challenge this week and decorated their scooters for the Flags of the World competition! An amazing 52 decorated scooters, 38 additional scooters and 7 bikes! Wow - Well done Fairfield - That's 37.3% of our school population. Our entry has been submitted and we will let you know if we are lucky enough to secure a prize for the school - Thursday 15th June

Here are the winners of the "Reading in Unusual Places" competition


A Big Congratulations to....


Overall Winner

Primrose (Rabbits)


Primrose has been presented with £10 worth of book  vouchers.


Year  Group Winners

Year R— Leo  (Squirrels)

Year 1— Penny  ( Hedgehogs)

Year 2— Harnoor (Woodpeckers)


They have all been presented with a £5 book voucher.